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Dwayne Wade’s fear JUSTIFIED! ; Jimmy Butler on TOP

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwayne Wade‘s fractured elbow ruled him out initially from the remaining regular season but its likely he would return before Playoffs as he makes steady progress in Rehab.”He went through part of the contact drills and he is doing good” Bulls Coach Fred Hoiberg reported. It sure seems Wade is really […]


 Many players have increased the tally for their opponents through a deflection or a send back to their goalkeepers with a header. In attempt to guard their post, they end up causing havoc to their team. The worst part if the team is already loosing and defenders are found guilty the most. Watch some players […]

Kevin Durant’s TOUCH in the Warriors 102-91 win over fierce Jazz shows Warriors CANNOT DO without him.

Golden State Warriors continued their Round 2 in high moments as they swept Utah Jazz 102-91, making a 3-0 win in the semi finals. Most of the times, the Warriors are able to grab a win without Kevin Durant and when he was out on injury they continued their winning streak that helped them clinch […]

“.. We never really had a ryhthm.”: James Harden spots their weakness in the Game 6 of the 2nd Round against San Antonio Spurs.

James Harden scored 10 points, 3 rebounds and 7 assists for Houston Rockets in the Game 6 of the Semi Finals against San Antonio Spurs– the worst he has every performed- that saw them got blown out of the Playoffs. Kawhi Leonard was out of the Spurs team and Tony Parker was also still injured but Harden and the […]

Arsenal CUT OUT of UEFA Champions League despite 3-1 win against Everton.

Arsenal were still in the race to make top 4 in the Premier League but after Liverpool thrashed Middlesbrough with  3 goals to book the last spot, they remained in the 5th place. Arsenal faced Everton in their last Premier League match and handed Everton a 3-1 defeat with goals from Hector Bellerin (8′), Alexis […]

Kylian Mbappe’s brace sustain Monaco’s lead in 2-3 win against Dortmund.

It rained goals in the rescheduled match but Kylian Mbappe shined for Monaco to seal a 2-3 victory against Borussia Dortmund in the 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals. In 19 minutes of the first half, Mbappe was right in position as he chipped in a pass from Lamar to give Monaco […]

Aaron Hernandez receives ABATEMENT after Death; Fiancee and daughter are now “RICH”

Susan Garsh, the Massachusetts Superior Court Judge that ruled on Aron Hernandez murder trial has vacated the case. Hernandez was serving a life imprison sentence after being found guilty of the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd and possession of arms but the convict committed suicide 5 days later in his prison cell. The Massachusetts law […]

Boston Celtics pushes away Washington Wizard with Game 7 win to move into the Finals with Cleveland Cavaliers.

Boston Celtics joined Cavaliers for the Playoffs Finals in the Eastern Conference after a 105-115 win in Game 7 against Washington Wizards. The stakes were high for both team but Celtics reminded them of why they clinched the 1st seed in the Playoff berth after winning 4-3 of the 2nd round series.  Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal […]

Cavaliers 112-99 Boston Celtics: Irving Kyrie HOLDS DOWN Boston Celtics in Game 4 of Eastern Conference Finals.

Cleveland Cavaliers pulled a comeback with Kyrie Irving‘s dominance against Boston Celtics rewarding him with 23 points in the 3rd quarter. Cavaliers won Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals to lead 3-1 in the series with a 112-99 win. Cavaliers were trailing behind with LeBron James‘ low scoring momentum and foul troubles but Kyrie chalked […]

Warriors beat Trail Blazer in Game 2 of Playoffs WITHOUT Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors won Game 2 of Playoffs without a Kevin Durant -who was rested due to a left calf strain- with 81-110 win against Portland Trail Blazers.  JaVale McGee was in the spot light for the entire 13 minutes he played when he scored 15 points without missing a shot. He added to the Warriors fame book for having […]

KERR-LESS Warriors returned to Round 2 of Playoffs with extra boost in 106-94 win over Utah Jazz

The Golden State Warriors looked refreshed after their break from Round 1 to claim Game 1 win over Utah Jazz in the Round 2. Warriors won the game that took place at the Oracle Arena by 106-94. Lead scorer, Stephen Curry  with 22 points was able to pull 1 rebound and 5 assist and Draymond Green […]

“In 2020, I plan on running for Sheriff”: Former NBA Star Shaquille O’neal states intentions of becoming a SHERIFF

Former NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’neal in an interview with Atlanta Station WXIA told them about his plans to run for Sheriff. Shaq, as he has accepted to be called has residency in Georgia and Florida and he calls Henry County, Georgia his home. It’s known that Henry County has a Sheriff position to be […]

“…You know he is very smart in his decision making…He knows what he is doing”: Novak Djokovic backs Federer’s decision to SKIP the French Open.

Roger Federer, the grass court king has decided to withdraw from the French Open to take place 22nd of May in order to prepare for the remaining season. Rafael Nadal won’t be facing his opponent that beat him three times this season already and No. 2 Men’s tennis player, Novak Djokovic has reacted to Federer’s decision. […]
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“… I mean, how do you come back and fight for $8..”: Dana White hints at Conor McGregor’s possible retirement after his fight with Mayweather.

The big money on the fight definitely pushed him to sign the contract ahead of the 49-0 retired boxer. Conor McGregor announced after he signed his part of the deal on the Mayweather fight that it was a ‘historic contract‘. His boss, Dana White believes that considering the money the MMA Champion could get from the […]

Manchester United TURNED OFF THE LIGHT at the Sunderland Stadium.

Manchester United visited Sunderland for their league game and left their Stadium of Light in darkness as they grabbed all 3 points and left David Moyes‘ men in hot waters battling relegation. Zlatan Ibrahimovic came with the opener in the 30th minute and gave his side the lead. Henrikh Mkhitatyan doubled it in the 46th […]
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Conor McGregor can possibly BEAT Floyd Mayweather

 Floyd Mayweather called out Connor McGregor for a fight and said he would come out of retirement just for that match. UFC president Dana White waved off Mayweather’s claims but McGregor called off the bluff and made it known that he is willing to fight him anytime through the rings with his gloves. The Irishman […]

Arsenal humiliated Manchester United in a 2-0 win

Jose Mourinho‘s name calling Arsene Wenger the “Specialist of failure” was put on hold after he suffered a 2-0 loss to the Gunners that ended their unbeatable 25 league run.  Manchester United came against a side whose hope of making Top 4 was dashed with their coach facing rejection from the fans, but they couldn’t […]
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“… It was unnecessary stuff that I think trickled down to my teammates. I had to eliminate that”; James Harden blames Khloe Kardashian for his struggle on the court.

James Harden struggled on the court during his brief romance with Kloe Kardashian and when he was asked how he felt after his 8 months relationship came to an end he responded in a rather tasteless way “I am not worried about anything but hooping.. and this may be why I am having this kind […]