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”….We Are Giving away Chelsea Shirts Signed By The Man Himself”.Chelsea Surprises Fans As They Celebrate Cesc Fabregas’s 30th Birthday

Chelsea activated their merry mood as their midfielder Cesc Fabregas turned 30 today. The midfielder joined Chelsea in 2014 and has since then netted 12 goals in 94 appearance. His last goal was in Chelsea’s 3-0 win against Everton in the English Premier League. The Club posted a video in celebration of his birthday to show […]

“.. We never really had a ryhthm.”: James Harden spots their weakness in the Game 6 of the 2nd Round against San Antonio Spurs.

James Harden scored 10 points, 3 rebounds and 7 assists for Houston Rockets in the Game 6 of the Semi Finals against San Antonio Spurs– the worst he has every performed- that saw them got blown out of the Playoffs. Kawhi Leonard was out of the Spurs team and Tony Parker was also still injured but Harden and the […]
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“… I mean, how do you come back and fight for $8..”: Dana White hints at Conor McGregor’s possible retirement after his fight with Mayweather.

The big money on the fight definitely pushed him to sign the contract ahead of the 49-0 retired boxer. Conor McGregor announced after he signed his part of the deal on the Mayweather fight that it was a ‘historic contract‘. His boss, Dana White believes that considering the money the MMA Champion could get from the […]

“… It hasn’t been difficult to deal with Mario because he is a nice person…”; OGC NICE President tells CNN about the Real Mario Balotelli.

The OGC Nice President, Jean- Pierre Rivere presented Mario Balotelli to the world in a different light that is mind blowing.  It’s either Balotelli is undergoing transformation or perhaps he was just misunderstood because the testimony of the Club President about Balotelli is one you might think is about his twin. Balotelli has been in […]
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“… It was unnecessary stuff that I think trickled down to my teammates. I had to eliminate that”; James Harden blames Khloe Kardashian for his struggle on the court.

James Harden struggled on the court during his brief romance with Kloe Kardashian and when he was asked how he felt after his 8 months relationship came to an end he responded in a rather tasteless way “I am not worried about anything but hooping.. and this may be why I am having this kind […]

“…Boycotts are a very good way of taking this forward…” Sulley Muntari pledges to support BOYCOTT in regards to racism in an interview with CNN

 In an interview with CNN, Sulley Muntari said he was ready to lead a boycott on racism any day he is called on because he has held his cool for too long. ” I don’t know where I got the patience from, because i was really cool and then i just walked off the pitch” he […]

“…Forget about a fighter who has zero experience…Mayweather’s better than that…”; Former boxer Oscar De La Hoya throws out Conor- Mayweather fight.

Former boxer Oscar De La Hoya rubbished the Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight because he believes Conor is not worth it. The UFC President Dana White has still not decided on a date for Conor’s fight and Oscar finds it ridiculous that Mayweather would want that fight to go on. “Forget about a fighter who […]

“…I couldn’t even say I’m the best player but it’s very special and a great honor…”: Ngolo Kante humbly picks up FWA Footballer of The Year Award.

Chelsea defensive midfielder Ngolo Kante picked up the Football Writers Association Footballer of the Year Award making it a double for the season. N’golo Kante picked up the PFA Player of the Year Award in April and was also part of the PFA Team of the Year. He has enjoyed a fruitful season and these awards are […]

“…Me and Russ had a nice conversation yesterday.” Kevin Durant tells Perkins he and Russell Westbrook are FRIENDS AGAIN

Kevin Durant and Westbrook Russell,the two former teammates finally found a way to leave the past behind after their infamous feud put a strain on their once cherished friendship. Durant- Russ was the power bond of the Thunders until Kevin Durant broke out to join their rivals, Golden State Warriors. Westbrook didn’t take it likely […]

“…They didn’t look like Manchester United…”: Former Ajax Player, Edgar Davis not impressed by Manchester United.

Still having a soft spot for his Former Club AFC Ajax, Edgar Davis believed that Ajax was the best side to win the Europa League Title but it happened that Jose Mourinho and his men grabbed the League Cup amidst the fear the terror attack left on their minds.  Edgar Davis was with Ajaz from […]

“…You know he is very smart in his decision making…He knows what he is doing”: Novak Djokovic backs Federer’s decision to SKIP the French Open.

Roger Federer, the grass court king has decided to withdraw from the French Open to take place 22nd of May in order to prepare for the remaining season. Rafael Nadal won’t be facing his opponent that beat him three times this season already and No. 2 Men’s tennis player, Novak Djokovic has reacted to Federer’s decision. […]

“…You should not be scared to talk…No one will change. You have to make the change”; Sulley Muntari encouraged racial victims to SPEAK OUT

Sulley Muntari has received applauds from many for his stand against his recent Racism abuse. The Pescara player received racial chants from the stands during their game with Seria A game with Cagliari and he stormed off the pitch after  the referee refused to halt the game. His action attracted a yellow card and eventually […]
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“..No one or whatever you write can get in the way of that..: Chelsea defender, John Terry is determined to ignore all the backlash concerning his SEND OFF.

John Terry started in Chelsea’s 5-1 victory over Sunderland and came off the pitch in the 26th minute to correspond with his jersey number.  The game was stopped at the 26th minute and the Chelsea captain received a grand send off from the club as the players gave him a guard of honor, but many […]

“..There’s no guarantee that we are going to come to a deal”: UFC President Dana White gets cold feet in Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight while giving deadline.

The confirmation of the date is not the only thing dragging the Conor McGregor and Mayweather fight as it happens that there has not been a conclusive negotiation, which shows the fight doesn’t look close to happening. UFC President Dana White on the “Jim Rome Show” announced that, if he cannot get Conor and his team […]