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The Trump Revenge: President Trump Hits Hard At His Haters(Steph Curry,LeBron James…) Whiles He Lauds USAIN BOLT

US President, Donald Trump upon realizing the Golden State Warriors, with reference to Stephen Curry are unwilling to honor the White House invitation, he withdrew the invite stating that the privilege they had been given is an honor.
During the era of former President, Barack Obama, he athletic teams that won their leagues championship were invited over to the White House to be honored but upon the change in government in the 2016 elections, many of the athletes have refused to honor the white house invitation, the recent being 2017 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors.


The NBA Community of both players and coaches have been loud and clear about their dislike for President Trump and to the least some of them want to do is to meet him or even have a conversation with him. 2017 Finals MVP, Kevin Durant has already declared his stand on the invite and his team mate Stephen Curry backs him on it.   
Golden State Warriors celebrate 2017 NBA Championship win
During Golden State Warriors’ Media Day interaction on 22nd September, 2017 Stephen Curry stated clearly that he wouldn’t want to go to the White House and hopes that will be the teams statement with respect to the invitation with the reason that they doesn’t agree with the President’s ideologies.

“We won’t stand for basically the things that he [Donald Trump] has said and the things that he hasn’t said… and by acting or in not going, hopefully that will inspire some change to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to” he said when asked what he wish the team statement will be on the decision.
Stephen Curry at Golden State Warriors 2017 Media Day
Before Stephen Curry and the Warriors could even get the chance to talk about what stance they would take , President Trump withdrew his invite and Stephen Curry thought the situation was funny when he was asked by the reporters. “Coach Kerr said we were going to talk about it as a team today. it’s kind of funny that tweet was sent before we got the chance to get together as a team, so it is what it is, and my stance is the same as it were yesterday”.

WATCH: Stephen Curry’s Response To President Trump Un-inviting Them

President Donald Trump was killing two birds with one stone as he took a further dig at the N.F.L players who knelt while the national anthem was being sang. He went further to say those players should be sacked for not showing respect to the game. 


“That’s a total disrespect to our heritage. That’s a total disrespect of everything that we stand for. Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, you’d say ‘get that son of a b***h off the field right now, Out, He’s Fired!'” he said.
NFL players kneel while National Anthem was been sang.

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LeBron James during 2017 Cavaliers Media Day
That pronouncement didn’t go down well with many and LeBron James who has always been courage about his complete disgust at the President tweeted in reply and added a more clearer explanation through a video. 


While slicing Stephen Curry and NFL owners into half with his tasteless views, he had good things lined up for him. Not all area against the President as he announced on 24th September,2017 on twitter that the NHL league Champions, Pittsburgh Penguins have responded positively to his invite. This represents ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison” kind of situation.


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Great comfort from Pittsburgh to make Donald Trump know that not everyone has boycotted the White House was not enough to keep mute on the “disrespect” that was shown to the nation, citing Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt as one who had respect for the country’s national anthem.

For NFL players to be at peace with Donald  Trump, he requested only one thing, that’s for them to change their rules.

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